The Temperament Of A Woman

Understanding The Temperament Of A Woman

Once, a heated argument took place between Imam Abu Yusuf رحمه الله and his wife and she decided to isolate herself from him.

In anger, he said to her, “If you do not speak to me by tonight, you are divorced.”

He continued trying every possible means to get her to speak to him, but she adamantly refused to utter a single word.

In desperation, he decided to proceed to Imam Abu Hanifa رحمه الله and explain to him what had transpired. Imam Abu Hanifa رحمه الله dressed him up in a new set of clothing, applied scent to his body and placed a splendid Taylasani shawl around his shoulders with the advice, “Now, proceed to your home and act as if you have no need to speak to her.”

Imam Abu Yusuf رحمه الله did as he was advised. When she noticed his attitude, she remarked “It appears as if you have been to the home of a shameless woman!”

Imam Abu Yusuf رحمه الله was overjoyed at her words, by virtue of which their marriage remained intact.

[‘Uqudul Juman, p280]