Q & A

Q: A Muslim man marries a Hindu woman. The woman has not embraced Islam. They have a child from the union. What does the Shariah say in this regard .

A:No nikaah took place. He is guilty of zina. The daughter is illegitimate.

Ascertaining the Wrong Someone Did to One

Q: Can I ask a brother who did me down, to tell me what he did for him to ask for maaf (forgiveness)? He just asks for maaf but refuses to tell me what he did. I am not prepared to accept his request unless he states what he did to me.

A:It is best not to ask what wrong the brother did. This will save you great anxiety and the wrong will not linger in your thoughts, wreck your peace of mind and disrupt your Ibaadat and Zikrullah. However, you are permitted in the Shariah to ask him.