The Consequence of Neglecting Dīnī Education

The consequence of neglecting Dīnī education


The person who abstains from teaching his children

whatever will be of use to them has in fact committed

a serious wrong against them.

In most cases, children are eventually disobedient to

their parents when the latter were neglectful in

educating them from the beginning.

Glory to Allāh! You cannot imagine how much I enjoy

reading and speaking on themes of this nature.

When I explain these points to you, I think to myself

that I have served you.

The author says that those who are neglectful as

regards the education of their children should not

think that the harmful consequences of it will not

befall them. No. In fact, when children become totally

disobedient to their parents later on in life, it is

because parents had been careless as regards their

education when their children were young. It is as

though they are getting a “full recompense” when

their children become recalcitrant and disregard the

rights of their parents.

The author says further on:

This is why a son said to his father: You neglected me

when I was a child so I neglected you in your old-age.

Note: The fact is clear before us. Every person has to

strive to fulfil the duties which the Sharī‛at has

imposed on him. This can turn the world into a

garden of Paradise. If not, it will be an example of the

Hell-fire. We seek refuge in Allāh taālā.

May Allāh taālā inspire each one to fulfil the rights

and duties which he is obligated to fulfil so that

everyone can be saved from corruption. Āmīn.


Source:  Marif Muslihul Ummat