Nowadays, like rain-frogs, numerous ‘mujtahids’ have mushroomed. Their outstanding feature is to mutilate and distort the ahkaam (laws) of the Deen. This is their occupation night and day. They have made the ahkaam of Islam a target for practice.They expend their entire intellectual ability to nibble at the Deen. Undoubtedly, these claimants of Islam cause greater harm to Islam and the Ummah than aliens (the kuffaar).These people (the modernist zindeeqs) masquerading as ‘friends’ of Islam and Muslims are in reality enemies. Under guise of Islam, they engage in the destruction of the Deen and the Ummah. While they conspire to destroy the Deen, they are in fact destroying themselves.

Islam will remain pure forever.They say that they understand the Qur’aan and Hadith better than the Ulama. On the basis of this corrupt understanding they interpolate and transmogrify the Shariah.The changes they wrought in the meanings and concepts of Islam are worse than the changes which a total ignoramus effects in the text of the Qur’aan. In this manner with their interpolation they destroy their Aakhirat.

May Allah Ta’ala bestow righteous intellect to them


Taqwa and Tahaarat have decreased in every group whether it be the Ulama or the Buzrugs, whether Zaahid or Aabid. There is a great dearth of these attributes nowadays. There is no longer Ihtiyaat (caution). Just look at the irregularities of Ulama in the matter of funds, barring a few. Similarly, those who claim to be durwaish and sufi. They utilize amaliyaat to subjugate the hearts of people, and devour the wealth of people. This is just like a bandit who snatches the wealth of people by robbery and banditry.Since there is a depletion of Taqwa and Tahaarat nowadays, there is no barkat in either Deeni or worldly projects. This depletion has culminated in the increase of nahoosat (misfortune), hence goodness and barkat have terminated.

MALFOOZAAT PART 4 – Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi رحمه الله