Hadhrat Qarshi Majzoom was a great Wali who suffered from leprosy. Although he was a young man he abstained from marriage due to his condition. One day he said to his mureedeen that he had now resolved to get married. He asked them to propose to someone on his behalf but on condition that they give a full explanation of his condition. They were to mention that he was a leper.
A mureed went home and informed his young daughter of the Shaikh’s desire for marriage. He explained the Shaikh’s condition. The girl said that she was prepared to marry Hadhrat Qarshi for the sake of gaining thawaab and for Allah’s Pleasure. He went and informed his Shaikh. Hadhrat Qarshi asked if he had fully explained to his daughter his condition. The mureed assured that he had, and that the girl had happily given her consent.
The Nikah was performed. Hadhrat Qarshi was a Wali who performed karamaat (miracles). He supplicated to Allah Ta’ala to transform him into a healthy, handsome man for the sake of the girl who had demonstrated such a lofty standard of morality and courage. Allah Ta’ala accepted his dua and he became a handsome healthy person.
When his wife came to him, she recoiled with fear when she saw the young, healthy handsome man. She asked: ‘Who are you?’ He said: ‘I am your husband, Qarshi.” She said: ‘But he is a leper.” When he informed her of what had transpired, she commented: “Alas! You have ruined my intention and thawaab. I married you, not for worldly comfort and nafsaani gratification. I married you thinking that you were a leper, hence I shall be rewarded for serving you. Now, if you are prepared to meet me in your original form, I shall be at your service otherwise give me Talaaq.” Thus, Hadhrat Qarshi returned to his original form and his wife lived with him in that state.