The ‛Ulamā’ are like salt

Hadrat Qatādah radiyallāhu ‛anhu said that Ulamā’
are likened to salt. When something is about to get
spoilt, it is set right with salt. However, if the salt is
in itself spoilt, how will it be set right.

Glory to Allāh! What a beautiful example! There can
be no better example than it. Undoubtedly, if the
‛Ulamā’ are upright, it is impossible for the masses
not be the same. The fault lies with us. Sometimes
we become the causes of misguidance just as the
‛Ulamā’ of the past were the causes of guidance. The
reason is that they adhered strictly to Dīn and
followed the Sharī‛at. This is why people received
guidance from them.

The author of al-Kashshāf

Do you not see how when the ‛Ulamā’ and seniors of
the past were upright, they became the causes of
uprightness of those who came after them?

The gist of the discussion is that ‛Ulamā’ must
practise on their knowledge. When the laymen see
the ‛Ulamā’ practicing, it will become a cause of their
rectification and religiosity. If they see a conflict
between the words and actions of the ‛Ulamā’, the
actual greatness and value of Dīn will leave their
hearts. They will give up actions completely and
become irreligious.
The misdeeds of the ‛Ulamā’ befalls their own selves
and is also contagious. This shows how essential it is
for ‛ulamā’ to be wary of misdeeds. It is hoped that
the reader will benefit from these points. Inspiration
is from Allāh ta‛ālā alone.

Note: By the grace of Allāh ta‛ālā, these are most
enlightening and admonitory words of Hadrat
Muslihul Ummat rahimahullāh. It is necessary for all
of us, especially the associates of Hadrat Muslihul
Ummat rahimahullāh, to practise on them.
Inspiration is from Allāh ta‛ālā alone. (compiler)



Source: The Statements and Lectures of Hadrat
Maulānā Shāh Wasīyyullāh Sāhib rahimahullāhPage 76