A woman was praised in the presence of Hajjaaj bin Yusuf regarding
her profound intelligence and skilful poetry. Hence, Hajjaaj sent her
a proposal of marriage. Her lineage was of a higher standard than
that of Hajjaaj, but she consented for fear of his cruelty.
Subsequently, the nikaah took place.

Once, she recited a couplet that meant:
How strange is the change of time that a donkey is riding a pedigree
horse, yet nobody is aware of it.
Fate had it that Hajjaaj heard the couplet, causing him to fly into a fit
of rage. He instructed a slave to hand over to her, her mahr and to
inform her that he has issued a talaaq-e-baa’in (irrevocable
divorce).When the slave informed her of the divorce, she said:
كنّا فما شكرنا بنا فما شكونا – “When we were married I was never grateful
and now that I am divorced there are no complaints.” The slave then
handed over the mahr to her.

When the news of her divorce reached the khaleefah of the time, he
sent his proposal of marriage to her. She accepted the proposal on
condition that Hajjaaj should lead her camel at the time of the
marriage procession. The khaleefah agreed and if Hajjaaj dared to
refuse this instruction, he would have him killed. When the day
arrived for her to sit on the camel, Hajjaaj lead the camel by its reins
as a camel driver would normally do. She publicly insulted him
saying, “Why is this camel driver travelling so slowly?”
Whilst moving she threw down an ashrafi (gold coin). After covering
some distance, she said, “O camel driver! A dirham of mine has
fallen. Search for it.” Hajjaaj began searching for the dirham. She
told him, “Look carefully.” He eventually found the ashrafi. Hajjaaj
in surprise said, “But this is a dinar (gold coin).” She replied, “I
threw down a dirham. Look for it.” When Hajjaaj became tired he
said, “There is no dirham over here.”
She replied, “Alhamdulillah, we threw down a dirham and received a


Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat