Live for Deen as if you will Die Tomorrow

It appears in a maxim: “Live your life for deen as if you will die
tomorrow, and live your life for the world as if you will live

What this actually means is that when it comes to matters of
sharee‘ah, there should be no delay in discharging our duties. What
needs to be done should be accomplished immediately, as though
you feel that you will die tomorrow. Normally, when a person
knows that he is about to die, he will make up for whatever is
incomplete. So whatever outstanding duties to Allah Ta‘ala one has,
monies owed to people etc. should be discharged without any delay.
These are things for which we will be taken to task and questioned
by Allah Ta‘ala.
‘Live your life for the world as if you will live forever’ does not
mean that one should project his life for so many years and strive
to accumulate wealth for that period of time. Rather, it means that
there is no need to be concerned about fulfilling a material need
immediately. You have plenty of time to fulfil it.

If it is not completed today, it could always be completed tomorrow or the

It is not a major problem if the shop is opened two
hours late.

In essence, one should not be consumed by the love of the
world. What is meant by being ‘consumed by the love of the world’?
The answer is in the Quraan Majeed where Allah Ta‘ala says:

“You give preference to the fleeting world and abandon the hereafter.”
Deen and matters of the hereafter should always be given
preference over worldly and material matters.

Stepping Stones
Short Advices of
Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saahib
(daamat barakaatuhum)