The mysteries behind the death of a kaafir and a mu’min

Hazrat Maulana Maseehullah رحمه الله

Two persons became very ill, one was a Yahud, a kaafir, and the other was a Muslim, a mu’min.

The Yahudi kaafir had a desire, “I am close to death. I wish I could eat some fish!” The Muslim mu’min also had a wish, “I am dying. If Icould just have some olive oil!”

The one was anxious to have his wish of eating fish fulfilled and the other was anxious to have his wish of having some
olive oil fulfilled. Allah Ta’ala summoned two malaa’ikah. To the one Allah
Ta’ala gave the instruction, “There are no fish in his pond. Place a fish in the
pond for the Yahud to eat.” To the other malaa’ikah Allah Ta’ala gave the
instruction, “The Muslim mu’min wishes to have some olive oil. There is bottle
of olive oil on a shelf in his house. Take the bottle and destroy it with the olive
oil so that he cannot have it.!”

Until the full account is not heard, one does not what kind of thoughts and
doubts go through our minds. This is why one should listen to a lecture
(bayaan) till the end. A bayaan is such that midway through one topic another
and then another topic is discussed, with the speaker coming back to
complete the incomplete topics which were only partially discussed.

To continue: Both the malaa’ikah met on the way to fulfil their tasks. The one
asked the other, “Where are you going?” The first one said, “I have been
ordered to go to a particular Yahud. He has a desire to eat some fish, and
there are no fish in his pond, so I have to place one in it for him to eat. Where
are you off to?” “I have been ordered to go to the house of a Muslim. He has a
desire to partake of some olive oil. There is a bottle of olive oil on a shelf in his
house. My instructions are to destroy the bottle and the olive oil so that he
cannot have it.”
The second malaa’ikah enquired from the first, “Did you ask
Allah Ta’ala why?” The first one said, “Yes, I did. I said, ‘O Allah! The Yahudi
kaafir is dying and You are fulfilling his dying wish and heart’s desire. There is
no fish, yet You are seeing to his wish. What is the wisdom behind this?”

“What was the reply?”
Our sisters and mothers should listen very carefully to this!

“Allah Ta’ala said, ‘Whenever the Yahud had performed any goodness in the
world, I had compensated him in the world with some khair.'”
Note that good deeds performed in this world fall into two categories: One is
where the intention is to attain some qurb – that is, attain some thawaab, attain
some reward, attain closeness to Allah Ta’ala, attain His pleasure, attain
higher stages in Jannat. The other category is where the intention is solely to
benefit the creation. One finds others give water to drink to the thirsty in hot
weather, feed animals, give charity and assist people with problems out of a
sense of compassion, and so forth.

“Allah Ta’ala continued, ‘He is now on the point of dying. He has to his credit
one good deed, for which he has still not been compensated. He has this
strong desire to eat fish. I want his desire to be fulfilled so that he is
compensated in this world for the good he has done. And, in the hereafter, he
proceeds straight into Jahannam. That is why I have instructed you to feed
him the fish.'”

Are you pondering over this?

The first malaa’ikah then asked the second one, “Did you enquire as to why
you had to destroy the olive oil for the Muslim not to be able to partake of it?”
“Yes, I did.” “What did Allah Ta’ala say?” “Allah Ta’ala said, ‘Whenever this
mu’min Muslim bandah committed any sin, I afflicted him with some problem
contrary to his temperament (tabiyat), some difficulty, some sadness and grief,
some problem. He made sabr (showed patience and fortitude), on account of
which I washed away his sins.'”

Ponder over this. Allah Ta’ala is ArhamurrahImaan – The most merciful of all
those who show mercy.


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