This world has been likened to a house prepared and beautified by a host
for his guests. When they enter, he places in front of them a tray filled with
flowers, fragrances, and perfumes. It is obvious that the object of the host
is that his guests must smell the beautiful fragrances, and then pass it to
the next people so that they could also benefit. His desire is not that one
guest must now take possession of them. If a person is unaware of the
etiquette’s of the gathering, and takes the plate to be his, placing it under
his arm and going away, then all the people in the gathering will laugh at
his foolishness and mock him. Eventually, the owner will forcefully snatch
away from him the tray, and place it before another. You can well imagine
the sorrow of this person.

In like manner, this world is a guest house of Allâh تعالى  for those travelling
to the Hereafter, not for those residing here forever. Allâh تعالى  wants the
travelers to the Hereafter to benefit according to necessity, just as one
derives benefit from a loaned item and fulfills his need. Thereafter, he
happily hands it over to the next person, and reaches his destination.
Keeping the heart attached to loaned things will lead you to be extremely
sad, and embarrassed at the time of departure from this world.

Ref: Tabligh E Deen