All praises are due unto Allah, Most High. Durood and Salaams be upon Nabi Muhammed Salallahu alayhi wa-sallam.

Islam is never weak. Muslims are weak. Just like the radi-ance of the sun cannot be denied except by the blind, so too can the brilliance of Islam as a way of life not be de-nied accept by those whose hearts have been blinded by disbelief, sin, evil and transgression.

Says Allah Most High:“But the eyes of their hearts are blind…”

There hardly is a Muslim who has not heard about the universal Movement known as the Tabligh Jamaat. This Movement has proven to be immensely effective in propa-gating and reforming the lives of literally millions of Mus-lims throughout the World. Countless of lives have changed direction because of the sincere efforts and sac-rifices by those associated with the Tabligh Jamaat.

Many are the lost souls who found Imaan through the ef-forts of the Tabligh Jamaat. Many are the negligent ones who found Salaah through the efforts of the Tabligh Ja-maat. Many are those who floundered in an ocean of sin and vice and found guidance towards Allah and His Rasul Salallahu alyhi wasallam through the sincere efforts of the Tabligh Jamaat brothers.

How often have the Masjied walls not echoed with the heart rendering appeal: “Success in this world and in the hereafter depends upon following Allah and His Rasul Sallallahu alayhi wasallam.”

Thousands of Masaajid will bear witness to this call, a call which springs from the depth of the hearts of the Ja-maat brothers on the Day of Qiyamaah, Insha-Allah.

Nay, do not look at those few who through their ignorance bring the Jamaat into disrepute. Rather look at those who humbly walk in the dark with heads bowed, remembering Allah. Going from house to house, knocking at strange doors, gently calling; gently pleading. That little group standing outside our doors consists of an assortment of people. Next to the doctor there may be an illiterate brother; next to the pious person, there may be an ex-drug addict. Millionaire or pauper one cannot simply differen-tiate and are generally subjected to the same norms. They do not seek wealth – they do not plead for votes – these brothers of ours. All that drives them is a yearning and a pain: A yearning for Allah’s Pleasure and the pain of a wounded, lost Ummah.

We salute them and call upon all, especially those who wish to change their lives to join them. May Allah keep us all steadfast upon the Shariah and His Divine Pleasure