Q: If during Salaat my clothes happen to touch an impure part of the ground, what will be the condition of my Salaat?

A: If the place of impurity is dry, it will not break the salaat. If it is wet the Salaat will break. (Baheshti Zewar Page 145)


Q: I bit an apple and found my blood on the apple. Is my wudhu broken?

A: If no blood is in your saliva, your wudhu did not break. (Baheshti Zewar: Page 61)


Q: I was ill and could not use water for wudhu. How-ever I have recovered now and the doctor told me that the water will not cause any harm. What should I do?

A Since the doctor gives you the assurance that water will not harm you now, you are required to make wudhu. (Bahesti zewar English page 92)


Q: What is the minimum period of haidh (menstruation)?

A: The minimum period is 3 days and 3 nights.

Q: When urine falls on my skin and I wipe my skin and ensure it is dry, if I subsequently perspire do my clothes as well as all the places I sit on (bed, chair, etc.) become napaak and do I have to clean these surfaces by wiping them thrice?

A: Yes, once the affected and dried area perspires, the impurity resurfaces and soils all the items it comes into contact with. All those surfaces will have to be necessarily washed thrice


Q: When children wear diapers and the diapers fill up with urine and thereafter they perspire, does this make their clothes as well as items they sit on, e.g. pram, chair, etc. napaak? Do we get napaak by hold-ing them?

A: This all depends on the quality of the diaper. If it is of good quality, it will retain the wetness within and nothing which comes into contact with it will become napaak. If, however, the diaper is of inferi-or quality and the urine moisture filters through or leaks out through the thigh area, then obviously this napaak moisture will soil whatever comes into con-tact with it.


Q: A person was mistakenly locked in his room and left alone in the house. The time for Salaat came and he had no water. He called out in vain for someone to come to his aid. The time of Salaat was elapsing. In this case was it permissible for him to make Tayammum and read his Salaah or not? If it was permissible, then will there be any Qadhaa of the Salaah read with Tayammum after being unlocked and water becoming available to him?

A: It is permissible to read Salaah with Tayammum in this case. After water becomes available the Sa-laat should be repeated.