THREE CATEGORIES OF INSAN – Hadhrat Maseehulllah رحمه الله


Hadhrat Maseehul Ummat رحمه الله

This is the purpose for which Man was created. This coming into existence of Man (Insan), this
“manufacturing” of Insan, is for this purpose only, that he should make the ibadat of Allah Ta’ala.
And I have not created the Jinn and Mankind but that they should worship Me. (S.51; A.56)
This is the object and purpose why Insan has been created. And if Insan deviates from this
objective, then he has fallen from his status as Insan – in appearance he is alive, but he is
actually dead!
What does this mean? It means that he is now of no use. Having deviated from his objective,
instead of being useful and successful, he is now useless and a failure. To put it another way:
When an object has been created for a specific purpose and it does not fulfil that purpose, then it
is useless and a failure.

For example: Take this pen in my hand. It has been made for the purpose of writing and not for
eating. Clear and simple. If it cannot write, then it is not fulfilling the object for which it has been
manufactured. It then becomes useless and redundant. It is a failure. Will you take extra care to
keep it safely in your pocket or with your other writing materials? Of course not. You will throw it
in the rubbish bin.

Do you understand this example?
So, in a similar way, if this human being does not fulfil the object for which he has been created,
he is useless and redundant. Throw him also in the rubbish bin! This Insan has deviated from the
purpose for which he has been created. So, being useless, having left off his objective, cast him
also into the rubbish bin!

Yes, he may still have some little use as yet. So let him be. Let us not be hasty. He may not have
the enthusiasm, the vim and vigour he should have, but he may not be completely dead. He may
be of some use, so let him be.
Take the example of this pen again: It may not write. However, there may be a remedy available
– the fountain pen may be filled with ink again, or the ball- pen may be fitted with a refill. Then it
will be of use again, provided that the pen is capable of accepting that ink or refill. So, let us not
be hasty in throwing it away. It may still be of some use.


This Insan, therefore, has three possibilities:
(a) He is completely useless;
(b) He is neither completely useless nor is he of full use;
(c) He is of full use.
Let us take each category in turn.
(a) That Insan who is completely useless, one who has deviated completely from the purpose for
which he has been created, who does not have the capacity within him to fulfil the object for
which he has been created, is the gair-Mu’min (non-Muslim).
(b) In the second category is that person who is partially fulfilling his objective, but not fully so.
Let him be as yet. He has the potential within him to accept Haq. Therefore, he is not without
hope. There is a glimmer of hope, because one sees that, at times, he does accept the Haq and
he does practice according to the Haq. There is promise in him. He is to be valued – he has the
potential for qabىliat (acceptance). Yet, this much is quite obvious that an object is a failure and
is useless in proportion to the degree it fails to achieve the basic objective and purpose for which
it has been created.

(c) In this third category is that Insan who steadily, correctly and fully fulfils the purpose for which
he has been created. This Insan attains the desired qurb (closeness) and the desired qabىliat,
and he has attained firmness and also a great value.
So, Insan has different levels of attainment.
Coming back to Insan’s original purpose: We had said that, besides setting aside 6 to 7 hours for
sleep regularly, whatever time that Insan has, is solely for ibadat. Whatever he does during the
remaining 17 to 18 hours must never be free of ibadat. Whatever work he does, must be done
solely with the niyyet (intention) of ibadat.


Source: For Friends part 6