The Quran Sharif is a Book in which there is no doubt. It is Guidance for the Muttaqeen – those who correctly recognize and fear Allah and subsequently respect all of His orders and prohibitions to the best of their ability. The Quran Sharif is a Mercy and a Manifest Light revealed from Allah Ta’aala to mankind for their benefit.

The numerous Barakaat and bounties of the Quran Sharif is such that every aspect of Muslims life which is connected with the Quran Sharif whether it be in reciting it, memorizing it, pondering upon it, donating for its cause, distributing it etc. are all means attaining reward and Barakaat in the form of attracting Allah Ta’aala’s mercy, His love, His recognition, salvation in the Hereafter, elevated stages in Jannah, success in the Qabr and infinitely more.

Thus a Muslim should in all ways possible respect and honour the Quran Sharif. To not add anything extra to it nor omit anything from it in its recital or meaning or in practicing upon it. Most important is to not neglect the Quran Sharif in any way and to make the Quran Sharif an important and integral part of our lives since it is the rope connecting us to Allah Ta’aala.

Hadrat Maulana Abrar-ul-Haq Saheb Rahmatullahi Alayhi used to say that the Quraan Sharif should be placed on a Rahl and not on a desk. In the Haramain we will not find any desk up to this day. We find that the Rahl have been kept for recitation of the Quraan Sharif. Hadrat Maulana used to say that the king is not permitted to sit on any chair as the throne has been reserved solely for him. Nobody besides the king is permitted to sit on the throne. The Rahl is the throne of the Quraan Sharif therefore no other Kitaab should be placed on the Rahl. 

Hadrat used to further explain that we are born without any clothing on the body. Thereafter, we adorn ourselves with clothing so we should cover the Quraan Sharif. Further, we live in a house. We should therefore place the Quraan Sharif in a Juzdaan which is so to say the house of the Quraan Sharif.   

There are those Masajid that ensure that the Quraans are covered properly and even numbered. However, over a period of time the covers wear out and require new covers. In some Masajid the Quraan Sharif have been placed in a very pitiable state. There was a time (in the 70’s) when there were many torn Quraans in the Haram of Makkah Sharif. Today, there is such system in the Haram Sharif. The Quraans are used regularly but it is the duty of the helpers to ensure that every single Quraan is dusted. There are those shelves that have a plastic cover included to protect the Quraan Sharif from getting wet in the case of rain. Check the condition of our shelves at home, are they clean and tidy.

Hadrat Maulana used to further say, “The clothing that we wear at the time of birth is not worn by us for life but our clothing is washed on a regular basis. Similarly, we should wash the cover of the Quraan Sharif as well. The used water of the Quraan Sharif shouldn’t be left to flow down the sewerage pipes. That water should be sprinkled in the house as this is blessed water because of the Quraan Sharif. If we do not want to sprinkle it in the house, then at least throw it in the garden but it shouldn’t be allowed to flow away with the sewerage water.

These are just a few eye-openers from the advices of our illustrious elders which if we practice upon it will Insha Allah help us attain our objective, the love of our Rabb.