Question: A person who was a known drug dealer,
was shot and killed because the drug deal went
sour. Will he be a martyr?
Answer: No, a person killed in disobedience to
the Shariah is not a martyr.

Question: Someone was digging a well and found a
human skull in it. There is a difference of opinion
whether this was a graveyard or not.
Answer: If this land is not waqf, rather it is owned
by someone, then it could be used for any purpose.
After the body has disintegrated, the land
no longer remains a graveyard.
Fataawa Mahmoodiyah Vol 23 pg.353

Question: I am requesting a list of good Muslim
names for both males and females. Is the name
Siaara a good name for a girl? What does it mean?
The person who mentioned it said it meant
‘Intelligent’. Is the name Saa’d or Sa’ad? Which is
the correct way to spell and pronounce it? We
chose this name for one of our children because
the Sahaabi with this name was one of the
Asharah Mubasharah (the Ten Sahaabah who were
given glad tidings of Jannat).
Answer: The best names to choose from are the
names of the Ambiya (Alaihimus Salaam) and the
pious servants of Allah Ta’ala. A disturbing trend
nowadays is to search for some fanciful or exotic
name regardless of the correctness of the name.
Barkat (Blessing) is in following the simple and
sacred way of our pious predecessors. “Siaara”
is a dubious name. We do not view this ‘name’ to
be correct. Saa’d is a better spelling.

Question: In a miscarriage no limb of the foetus
was formed. It was only blood or pieces of flesh. Is
the blood that is seen after such a miscarriage haiz
or istihaazah?
Answer: If the bleeding prolongs for three days
and it was preceded by a complete period of tuhr
then it is haiz, otherwise istihaazah.

Question: What is the punishment for a woman
who doesn’t complete her iddat period and remarries?
Answer: If the woman in question has remarried
her ex-husband who had issued her with one or
two talaaqs, then this nikaah is valid even during
her iddat. If she contracts with another man however,
then this ‘nikaah’ is not valid in her iddat.
The couple will be living in a state of haraam and
zina. The punishment for zina is the Fire of Jahannam.

Question: Can the husband force the wife to stay
with his parents?
Answer: The place of shelter must be such that
no relative of the husband lives there. It must be
free of any relative of the husband whereby the
husband and wife can live without any formalities.
However, if the wife does not mind living with
others, it will be permissible for him to keep her
in the same house with other relatives of his,
provided that the husband makes adequate arrangements
for the purdah of his wife. It is not
advised for the husband’s brother to be living in
the same house.

Question: If a husband says to his wife,” To me
you are equal to a khinzeer”, what effect will it
have to his marriage?
Answer: If he intended divorce or separation, talaaq
will take place.
Reference: Baheshti Zewar, English-pg 442

Question: A husband repeatedly threatens his wife
that he will divorce her if she does not submit to
his unnatural Haraam desires. What should she do?
Answer: It is not permissible for her to disobey
Allah Azza Wajal. There is NO Barakah in remaining
in a marriage which is under the curse of Allah
Ta’aala. Allah Ta’aala has promised those who
fear Him:
“And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him,
of his matter, ease.
And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a
way out “

Question: An Islamic organization is in financial
difficulties. During Ramadaan, some sponsors did
not contribute as they normally do. Some members
of the organization were upset. Is it permissible
for them to obtain a loan from a bank to continue
with their activities?
Answer: It is Haraam to obtain a loan from the
bank. Taking a Haraam loan is like trying to purify
a garment with urine. The organization should
curtail their activities and only do what they can
comfortably manage. The existence of the organization
is not the objective. Allah Azza Wajal’s
Pleasure is the objective. Allah’s Pleasure and
Happiness is to be found in His obedience. The
members should not be upset at their sponsors. It
is the right of the sponsors to discharge of their
funds wherever they wish to. There is no binding
contract on the sponsors to bear animosity towards
them. The gaze of those involved in Deeni
activities should be focused only upon Allah Ta’aala.

Question: Many people sms their friends and family
to attend bridal showers or baby showers. People
are expected to gift items to the ‘would be’
bride or ‘to be born’ baby. Is this permissible in
Answer: Both these and other similar activities
are Haraam. A gift in Islam is only valid if it
meets certain criteria. Amongst the criteria is that
some thing is given freely without any form of
pressure or subtle force. Many a times a person
does not happily wish to give something but they
feel ashamed to tell the other party. The moment
the message is received they feel terrible and
angry. However, they do not have a wish to harm
their friendship etc. Thus they swallow their bitterness
and pretend to be happy and reluctantly
take along a gift. What Barakah can there be in
such a gift? Such gifts are totally Haraam.