The Strong Mu-min is Better Than the Weak Mu-min (3) – Hadhrat Maseehul Ummat رحمه الله

Iyyaakum Wa Fasaada Thaatil Bain

So the first power was that of Imaan (quwwat-e-imaani), the second is knowledge (quwwat-e-ilmi), the third is power of action (quwwat-e-amali), the fourth of self-respect (quwwat-e-jaahi) and the fifth is wealth (quwwat-e-maali). When these five assets of power are achieved by the Community of Mu-min-e-Qawi then there is no question of disunity. Collective Unity has thus been achieved. Once this collective unity has taken shape then no adversary can be stronger than this Strong Mu-min and hence Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said that if there is no such unity then the weakness of the Ummah will be at its lowest. Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Beware of the decomposition of your mutual affairs.”

The Arabic word used, Iyyaaakum, signifies danger. Perhaps you studied Hidaayatun Nahw [an elementary kitaab on Arabic grammar].

In other words: O Muslims! Avoid discord. Why should you avoid discord? The reason for avoiding discord is that after being Strong Believers you will degenerate and become weak believers. Therefore, I say: “Beware of the decomposition of your mutual relations; stay clear from disunity.”

This begs the question: Is disunity harmful?

Oh! In spite of being a Mu-min and adopting the Deen you still ask this question? My Friend! “It is a razor.” This disunity and decomposition of your mutual relations will shave you clean.

What a dreadful warning! It will shave you so clean that you will become downright useless.

How is that? How does it shave?

Oh! You are under the impression that it will shave of your hair? My Friend! This disunity of yours will ‘shave off’ your Deen. The cause of your Deen becoming ‘shaved’ is your disunity. I came to make your Deen powerful; for you to remain united, but you have chosen the opposite. With your own hands you have chosen to be the cause of the deracination of your Deen.

We are talking about a Strong Mu-min.

In view of you opting for the ‘shaving’ of your Deen which ‘shaving’ is disunity then you are solely responsible for your incumbent disgrace, for your defeat, for others dominating you. I told you; you are now to be blamed.

You have not listened to your senior – and a senior of my standing – you have not paid attention to me; you have ignored me whereas you said, “I believe in Allah and His Rasool”. In spite of that declaration, you did not listen to me. I did tell you that the Strong Mu-min is much, much better than the weak Mu-min. You have collectively dumped unity thus leaving your status of being Strong Believers to waste and reducing you to weak believers.

Now that you have become weak believers it necessarily follows that the good and nobleness of a Strong Believer will not be found in this weak believer. In fact there will be evil. Thus, you have brought this evil upon yourselves.

You are the Cause of Your Weakness

Although I am the Creator, but you chose the means to become weak, saying, ‘We want to take for ourselves the agencies of weakness which You have created. We wish to take defeat and subjugation; we wish to take the state of being fearful of others; our awe should not be over others.’

I am the Creator of actions and you are the cause of this creation. Therefore, instead of power, I have created for you weakness. You wanted that. My Will connected to your will since you wanted that. As if you were saying with your abominable actions, ‘We are happy living in subjugation; in defeat; with others governing us.’ So you wanted that; your wish has been fulfilled.

All right, now you have first-hand experience. In view of you having had first-hand experience why don’t you return to becoming a Strong Mu-min by attempting to unite? And if not, then it will be a case of being bitten by the same snake twice. Then for your whole life you will suffer disgrace, if you do not return to being a Strong Mu-min. In spite of you experiencing for yourselves, you maintained the disunity. Besides disgrace what else do you expect then?

[At this juncture it is extremely important to understand that unity of the Ummah cannot be achieved with dalliance in bid’ah and fisq. Just as ‘unity’ with kuffaar and heretics is denounced, similarly, there can be no ‘unity’ between Haq and baatil, “for baatil by its very nature is doomed”. Unity with those who commit bid’ah and those who flagrantly violate the Shariah and who readily discard the Ahkaam of the Shariah for despicable worldly motives is in fact a rebellious and ill-conceived unity; a ‘unity’ which is condemned in the Qur’aan unequivocally. Allah Ta’ala tells of the honourable dissociating of Ibraheem (Alaihis Salaam) from his people’s vile ways: “We reject you (and your ways). And forever will there be enmity between you and us until you believe in Allah alone.” – Surah Mumtahinah, 3.

Thus the Ahl Haq will continuously propagate the Haq to the chagrin of those plodding the path of baatil. Unity between these two mutually repellent forces can never ever be achieved. The Ahl Baatil are in fact instructed to repent and return to the Haq with explicit obedience to the Shariah as espoused by the Sunnah of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Then and then only can the desired unity be achieved. In short, the Ahl Haq should remain united and avoid discord.]

You want to bear living in disgrace, so stay disgraced! You have collectively wrought disunity and thus you have committed injustice upon yourselves.

I am just. There is no question of Me being oppressive. I show either adl or fadhl (justice or graciousness). Injustice is a wrong. I am Mubarra (free) of injustice. So it is you who have brought injustice upon yourselves.

Extricate yourselves of this injustice, and the darkness of oppression will withdraw from you.

The United Nation of Strong Believers

When the darkness goes away then Noor (celestial light or guidance) will take its place. And when this Noor comes then you will become a Strong Mu-min in your own right, as well as a Collective Body and Community of Strong Believers. Who can then overpower such a person? He will remain victorious.

Don’t you know that a thousand years earlier the Strong Believers were a Strong United Nation? Regardless of their paucity in numbers they used to vanquish larger numbers. My Help was with them. Since My Help was with them the question of anyone defeating them did not arise. So look at the episodes of the Strong United Nation of Believers of a thousand years ago.

(To be continued, Insha-Allah)