Q & A

IVF Treatment for Conception
Q. I have recently been informed by my doctor that I have
specific medical conditions that are impairing my ability to
conceive. They have prescribed me a drug called clomid
which is to enhance the ovulation process. The next step after
the medication, if it does not work, will be a surgery to try
and treat the problem. In the event that neither one works
they have suggested IVF. I would like to know from an Islamic
point of view are these treatments allowed?

A. Allah Ta’ala has already decreed in eternity all those who
will be born on earth until the Day of Qiyaamah. If Allah
Ta’ala has decreed children for you, you will beget them regardless
of your condition and what the doctors say. If there
are no children decreed in your Taqdeer, then regardless of
the treatments you undergo, nothing will help. You should
therefore repose your trust in Allah Ta’ala, and make D’uaa
for children, and be satisfied with Allah’s decree. In everything
which He decrees there is wisdom and goodness for us.
Do not submit yourself to the doctors for experimenting. The
type of surgery they will subject you to, is unnatural and can
have extremely harmful consequences. IVF is not permissible.

Dress for Infants

Q: With regards to a baby girl’s clothing, what guidelines should one
adhere to when one chooses clothes to buy for her? Personally,
I do not like to dress my daughter with short sleeves and
with her legs exposed (i.e. the bodysuit that she wears only
comes up till the groin area), so I try to avoid these types of
clothing. I still put these clothing on for her as she is still
swaddled in a blanket, so people are not able to see her arms
and legs. I try my best to look for clothes that cover her body
entirely but this can be difficult at times. Should I only let her
wear long sleeved clothes with full length trousers or is this
just making things cumbersome upon myself as she is not yet
baalighah? Would it also be ok to dress her in clothes such as
short dresses or short skirts but at the same time, making her
wear leggings? Or is this considered imitating the kuffaars’
way of dressing?

A. Avoid kuffaar dress for your baby. Try to dress her fully
as you have mentioned. If decent ready-made dresses are not
available, then have proper dresses sewn for her. The tarbiyat
(Deeni training) of a child commences from infancy – from
the day the child is born and hence the Athaan and Iqaamah
are recited as soon as possible on the very day the child is
born. By
dressing her Islamically you will not be “making things cumbersome’,
neither for yourself nor for your baby. Don’t expect
to begin training your daughter when she has attained
buloogh. It will then be too late. By attending to her Islamic
dress code from infancy, she will abhor un-Islamic dress
when she is baalighah. Haya must be cultivated from infancy.
Dresses for even babies should be long.


Q: We had an inheritance problem in our family. Both the
warring parties contacted a certain Ulama body. A ruling was
given in my favour. Now, the other party claims that they
have approached some other Ulama who have given a different
Fatwa. However, they refuse to show me the Fatwa
though I have forwarded the Fatwa I have received to them.
What should be done to resolve the issue?

A: The issue can only be resolved if there is some Fear of
Allah Ta’ala. If there is no Khauf of Allah Paak, then the issue
will never be resolved amicably. You have two options:
Either you continue trying to obtain your inheritance
through legal action or you chose to make Sabr and hope for
a Grand Reward from Allah Ta’ala on the Day of Qiyamah.
Usurpation of the rights of others are so seriously viewed in
the Shariah that in one Hadith Nabi Salallahu alayhi
Wasallam has warned those who steal and rob others to prepare
themselves for an abode in Jahannam. May Allah Paak
safe us. Ameen

False accusation
Q: I have been falsely accused by my boss of theft. Some
extremely severe preposterous allegations have been made
without any evidence and based upon hearsay. I have been
called names and the worse part is that after he came to a conclusion,
he informed me that he was seeking verification. Am
I now supposed to explain myself after he blackened my
name in front of others? I feel terribly hurt as I have served
the company for many years. Please advise
A: Indeed from your explanation one can deduce that you
have been severely wronged. The proper way of verifying an
issue is to first do the verification and thereafter pass a verdict
and not to first come to a conclusion, mock at people and then
ask for verification. One does not go about verification by
throwing hints and indulging in character assassination and
thereafter sugar coating the issue with pious proclamations of
“verifying”. We can only console you by advising you to
make Sabr. Allah Ta’ala will Insha-Allah be sufficient for
you. It may take some time, but Allah has taken an oath on
His Grandeur that He will assist the Mazloom (oppressed).
As the Zaalim (oppressed), there will be no way for him to

Istakhaarah Question
Q: I made Istikhaarah to get married to a certain boy. The
answer was negative. Is it permissible to make Istikhaarah
A: It is permissible to make Istikhaarah for as many times as
you wish to. Some of our Akaaberien made Istikhaarah for
six months continuously until they were blessed with a favourable

Q:Why am I so depressed despite being so wealthy. What can
I do to get some peace of mind? It appears to be very difficult
to lead the life of a hermit.
A: Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’aan that “Listen — It is
only with the remembrance of Allah that hearts can obtain
peace” Perhaps you have start of by evaluating yourself: How
often do you remember Allah Ta’ala? Do you remember him
at the time of Salaah, at the time when sin is calling? Do you
remember him in every activity of your daily life? Do you
remember Him when you wake up, wear clothes, go to the
bathroom, eat, drink, walk, sit, drive, speak and when you are
thinking? Do you remember Him at sunset and at night and
when you go and sleep? Do you remember him in the middle
of the night if you perchance awake? Do you remember him
when you go to the shop and when you are angry and jealous
and greed calls you. Do you remember Allah when Shaytaan
whispers to you his evil whisperings? You do not have to be a
hermit to remember Allah Paak, You only have to be conscious
with His Fadl. People of Deen — true Deen – enjoy
life. With true Deen, you do not eat junk – you eat the purest
of the pure. With true Deen – Allah Ta’ala blesses you with
true friends instead of friends that are false and friends that
stab you in the back for a miserable few rands. With Deen,
your Consoler in times of difficulty is your One and Only
Rafeeq (Bosom Friend) Allah. He is sufficient And able to see
to all your material and spiritual needs. He is the Master and
Architect of your affairs. Set aside this assumption that wealth
will give you peace of mind. It is only Allah and His constant
Remembrance that can remove your depression.