The Proclamation of Allah

Allah Ta’ala loudly proclaims that: My Rasool is departing now. He loudly proclaims:

“Today I have perfected your Deen for you,

completed My favour upon you and I am pleased with Islam as your Deen.”

My Rasool is now ready to depart, but you have to remain firmly on Islam, following in the footsteps of the Rasool. Then My help will be with you till Qiyaamat. This Communication [the Glorious Qur’aan] has been revealed till Qiyaamat. As long as you remain obedient to this Communication with all the power of your Imaan, with all your physical power then forever will the Way of Allah be with you.

Your question is that warfare in former times was conducted differently and hence the victories; now we have aerial warfare! Allah Ta’ala responds: Did I tell you not to use air power when such a time comes?  Did I tell you not to equip yourself with air power? Did I tell you not to arm yourself with these material means? Did I tell you not to use them? In fact, I said that you should accumulate the weapons of war appropriate for the times, to the degree you are able to. Build factories; stockpile.

True Zuhd

Allah Ta’ala says: I am not in need of such abstinence [where the material agencies are even discarded]. The zuhd I desire [to see from you] is that which is devastating [to the enemies of Allah]. Hence I said: “The Strong Mu-min is better than the weak Mu-min.”

So, I do not want such ‘zuhd’, such disinclination [to the world], such detestation [of the world] where you do not equip yourself with weapons, you do not build on your arsenal, you do not manufacture weapons and you break your hands and feet and lay incapacitated on your bed.

On the contrary, you should have these stunning resources and inclusive means, but one’s preoccupation should not be with that. This is the zuhd that is desired.

This humble speaker said a while ago that gold and silver should be scattered around you, but your gaze should be focused on the Giver of these treasures. The heart is not preoccupied with that; it is not obsessed with that; it does not hanker after that; it does not covet that; it does not boast and feel flattered with that. This is the meaning of the gaze being focused on Him.

Zuhd is connected to the heart which is the locus of praiseworthy, beautiful, perfect, wonderful and amazing excellences and character. Zuhd is not what the apparent state of a person conveys. Outwardly you may be the king; the owner of vast amounts of treasures, but the heart is empty of that, then this is not nugatory of zuhd. This is the reality of zuhd.

Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

“O Allah! Let me live humbly, let me die humbly and let me be resurrected with those who are humble.”

A wonderfully prepared meal – sumptuous, attractive, rich and full of flavour – is placed in front of someone. He pours water into it. This is not zuhd. When he is asked: “What are you doing?” he responds: “Eating such a delicious, sumptuous and fragrant cuisine is nugatory of zuhd. I am adding water to it to break my nafs.”

Oh My!  You do not even know the reality of zuhd! Just eat it and see. Without throwing water into it see how happy your heart becomes; how wonderful you feel; how cheerful you become. The effect of this will be that your heart will run to obey Haq Ta’ala. Really, Yaa Allah, You gave me such a wonderful meal! How can I still be like this? Enough is enough! Now my feet are going to run to your obedience. Where will I get such a Muhsin [Benefactor]!? Where will I get such a Murabbi [Creator and Cherisher]!? Where will I get such a Mun’im [Giver]!?

So, the continuous shower of favours upon this mun’am alaih [beneficiary] makes his Strength of Imaan stronger and stronger. Thus the weak Mu-min – inwardly and outwardly – becomes progressively a Strong Mu-min.

Will you become strong by throwing water into the meal? Thus, with the shower of these bounties the weak Mu-min becomes progressively a Strong Mu-min. He has power of ilm, power of action, power of the body, power of money, power of self-respect and with these powers collectively he has the power of Divine Help. If he is then not victorious, who else will be victorious?

This is the reality of zuhd, as explained. This is what correct tawakkul [Trust in Allah] is all about. All good and noble means are at your disposal; however, trust is in Him. Accordingly, the Habeeb of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said upon gathering all the noble and good means:

“O Allah! This is my effort, and upon You is my trust placed.”

This is true zuhd and this is true tawakkul.

(To be completed, Insha-Allah)