Fish Gelatine is a unique alternative to traditional mammalian  gelatine. Note: All mammalian gelatine  is Haraam – The Majlis).

Fish Gelatine is much more widely accepted, is the most superior gelatine available today and is quickly gaining popularity around the world as the ideal alternative to traditional mammalian gelatine, especially in terms of safety, health, nutritional value and functionality. The superior grade of fish gelatine produced by our manufacturers is high in demand.

Here are 11 incredible benefits of gelatine (Supported by Science):

  1. JOINTS & LIGAMENTS – Heals joints, repairs ligaments and damaged tissues, relief from chronic bone pain were reported in as little as 7 days of taking fish gelatine!
  2. HAIR, NAIL & TEETH HEALTH – Spin-off benefits include shiny, healthy hair & nails. Prevents hair loss and strengthens nails & teeth
  3. GUT HEALTH & DIGESTIVE AID –  Gelatine has the ability to heal a leaky gut syndrome and maintains a healthy gut barrier
  4. LIVER HEALTH – Impacts detox and liver function
  5. HEART & BRAIN HEALTH – One of the best ways to lower homocysteine’s effect on the body is to consume more gelatin.
  6. SKIN / ANTI-AGING & CELLULITE – Replaces collagen loss. Tightens skin, reduces & prevents wrinkles
  7. PREVENTS & REVERSES ARTHRITIS  & GOUT – Just 10 grams of gelatine daily is enough for optimal health
  8. WEIGHT LOSS- Supports weight management and just 10 grams daily leaves you full!
  9. BONE STRENGTH – Supports bone formation & improves calcium absorption.
  10. BODYBUILDING – Gelatine provides glycine and proline, bodybuilders have also been consuming gelatin for decades to help improve joint health and reduce inflammation
  11. BOOSTS METABOLISM & IMMUNE HEALTH – The Glutamine found in gelatine helps build a strong, stable immune system

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Collagen is a fibrous protein that accounts for 33% of the proteins found in the human body. Ever wondered why our joints start to ache and skin starts to get wrinkles as we age? The truth is our body produces less and less amounts of collagen as time passes by. This, however, is not the only important reason for us to incorporate gelatin in our routine diet. Its significance becomes more apparent when we know that gelatin contains 18 amino acids, half of which are considered essential for our survival; they cannot be generated by our bodies!

That is where Fish Gelatin comes in, it is a natural food additive with high nutrition value, fish skin gelatin is on top of the list for being:

– Rich in 18 kinds of amino acid:
The amino acids present in fish gelatin promotes the growth of hair and nails.
– High in protein
– Gelatin has been found to keep joints more flexible and reduce athletes’ joint pain as well as ease the pain of arthritis.
– Free of additives and preservatives
– Free of animal diseases

Food and pharmaceutical industries all over the world are witnessing an increasing demand for collagen and gelatin. Mammalian gelatins (bovine), being the most popular and widely used, are subject to major constraints and skepticism among consumers due to socio-cultural and health-related concerns. Fish gelatin (especially from warm-water fish) reportedly possesses similar characteristics to mammalian gelatin and may thus be considered as the best alternative to mammalian gelatin for use in food products.

The best part?

There are no reported cases of health concerns about gelatin, except for some people who are allergic to the animals from which gelatin has been derived.
– water soluble
– odorless and tasteless