The Sister of Haysur


In the story of Musa and Khidr ‘alayhimas salam it is mentioned that the latter killed a young boy in fulfilment of Allah’s command. Musa ‘alayhis salam became alarmed and asked: “What did this innocent child do that you had to kill him?” Khidr ‘alayhis salam replied: “When this child would have grown, he would have been a kafir. His parents were Muslims. There was the possibility of their also going astray out of love for him. It was therefore felt that it would be good if he was killed. In place of this boy, Allah will give a daughter to these parents who will be pure from all evil and will be of more benefit to her parents.” It is written in other books that this is exactly what happened. This girl married a prophet and from her progeny 70 prophets were born. The name of the boy is Haysur and this girl is his sister.

Lesson: When Allah praises a woman by saying that she is pure from all evil and of great benefit to her parents, how great such a woman must be! What a beloved and noble feat it is to be pure from all evil and to provide comfort and peace to one’s parents! The result of this is that such a person is praised by Allah. O Women! Strive hard in acquiring these qualities.