The Day of Qiyamah

The Day of Qiyamah
By Ml Thanvi Rahmatullahi alayh

Once this entire universe is destroyed, 40 years will pass in this tranquility. Allah Ta’ala
will then issue the order for the trumpet to be blown a second time. The earth and the skies will come back into existence and the dead
will rise from their graves. All of them will be  gathered in the plains of qiyaamah.
The sun will be very close, the heat of which will cause the brains of people to boil and they
will perspire according to their sins.The people will be standing in this heat, hungry and
thirsty, extremely worried. As for those who were pious, the ground will be turned into fine
flour for them whereby they will satiate their hunger and they will go to the HUAD-EKAUTHAR
in order to quench their thirst.

Once the people get tired of standing in the plains of qiyaamah, they will all go to Hadrat
Aadam (alayhis Salaam) and thereafter to other prophets requesting them to intercede on
their behalf so that the accounting of their deeds could be accomplished quickly. All the
prophets will present some excuse and will not make any promise of intercession.

Eventually, all the people will go to Rasulullah ( sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and make the
same request to him. On the orders of Allah Ta’ala, he will accept this request, go to
Maqaam-e-Mahmud and intercede on their behalf. Allah Ta’ala will reply : ” I have accepted
your intercession. After manifesting myself in the land, I will now commence with the accounting of deeds ”
Many angels will begin descending and surrounding the people from all sides. Thereafter,
the throne as Allah Ta’ala will descend and his splendour and manifestation will be on it. The
accounting of deeds will commence and the books of deeds will be distributed. The believers will receive their book of deeds in their
right hands while the disbelievers will receive them in their left hands.

These books of deeds will land automatically into the hands of the respective persons. The
scale will be brought whereby all the good and evil deeds will be weighed and established.
The order will then be given for everyone to cross the bridge called ” siraat”. Those whose
good deeds were heavier in the scale will cross the “siraat” and enter paradise.
As for those whose evil deeds were heavier and Allah did not forgive them. will fall into
hell. Those whose goods deeds and evil deeds are equal, will go to a place called “a’raaf” which is between jannah and jahannam.
They will stay over there.

Thereafter, Rasulullah ( sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the other Ambiyaa (alayhimus salaam),
the aalim, the wali, the martyr, the haafiz of the quraan, and other pious servants
will intercede on behalf of the sinners. Their intercession will be accepted. The person who
has even an iota of imaan in his heart will eventually come out of jahannam and admitted into jannah.
Similarly, those who were made to remain at”a’raaf” will be admitted into jannah. Only those who are absolute kuffaar and polytheists
will remain in jahannam. Once all in inhabitants of jannah and jahannam have taken their
respective places, Allah Ta’ala will place “death” in form of a ram between jannah and
jahannam. All the inhabitants of jannah and jahannam will be able to see it.

In the presence of all of them, Allah Ta’ala will have this ram slaughtered and announce that
now no death will overcome the inhabitants of jannah. All of them will have to remain in their
respective places forever. When they hear this,there will be no limit to happiness that the inhabitants
of Jannah will experience.

And there will be no limit to sorrow and grief that the inhabitants
of Jahannam will experience.