Every Friday can be a Noorani Friday for a Muslim. While the Kuffaar may name it a Black Friday, Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said,

“Whoever recites Surah Kahf on Friday, it will be a Noor (light) for him from one Friday to the next.”

While people will be heading towards different shops, malls and shopping centres to benefit from specials on few specified and limited per customer items, let us as Muslims (males) head towards the Masjid in order to benefit from the ‘Guaranteed Specials’ and ‘Exclusive Deals’ of unlimited Ibaadat, thereby earning rewards, awards and Thawaab.

Remember…FOR MEN

To the House of Allah Paak, we are invited by the Muazzins with Azaan.

In answering this invitation, success is guaranteed.

In the House of Allah Paak, each and every good deed is on “Special”, which earns one guaranteed rewards.

In the House of Allah Paak, no “per customer” limit is specified. The more we take from the “shelves” of Ibaadat, the more they will benefit us.

Remember…FOR WOMEN

Their Masaajid are the places of Salaah in their rooms/houses.

The more time spent on the Musallah, the more rewards with guaranteed benefits will be accrued.

They also benefit from the “specials” of the Friday Durood Shareef by earning 10 rewards, 10 mercies, 10 stages in Jannah, 10 trees in Jannah, forgiveness of sins and so much more for each Durood recited.

Therefore, our Deen has Illuminated every Friday and has NOT BLACKENED any Friday!

Unlike some Black Friday deals which are specified as ‘limited per customer’, there is NO limited-per-Muslim amount of Durood Shareef, Zikrullah, Istighfaar, Tilaawat and Nafl Salaahs for any Muslim on any Friday! The more one sows, the more one will reap in the Aakhirah.

Allah Paak, in His Pure Kalaam announces,
“O Believers! When the call is proclaimed for Jumu’ah, then HURRY to the remembrance of Allah.”

Friday, a unique day for Muslims…See the ‘exclusive-specials’ for EVERY Friday!

“The best day the sun rises over is Friday, on it Allah created Hazrat Aadam. On it was he made to enter Jannah, on it was he removed from it, and Qiyaamah will take place on no other day than Friday.” (Hadith)

“Friday is a day of Eid-celebration, so whoever attends it should perform Ghusl beforehand.” (Hadith)

“Any Muslim who passes away during the day or night of Friday will be protected by Allah from the trials of the Qabr.” (Hadith)