Making Muslims Understand (Part Three) – HAZRAT MOULANA THANWI رحمه الله

(Part Three)

c. Emphasise to those who do not offer Salaat to be punctual with Salaat. It should be emphasised to men that they offer their Salaat with Jamaat in the Masjid. Those who do not know how to offer Salaat should be taught. If possible then every person who performs Salaat should be taught the translation and meanings of whatever is recited in Salaat. In other words, they should learn the translation of Subhaanak-Allahumma till the Durood and Du’aa. This increases concentration and absorption in the Namaaz. From time to time they should be informed of the Masaail of Wudhu and Tahaarat.

d. Emphasise to those upon whom Zakaat is fardh to discharge their Zakaat and encourage those upon whom Qurbaani is waajib to discharge this duty.

e. Emphasise to all Muslims to fast in the Month of Ramadhaan Shareef.

f. Emphasise to those upon whom Haj is fardh the performance of Haj.
(To be continued, Insha-Allah)