Q & A : Child” The Visitor broke my Barbie”

Child:” The visitor broke my Barbie”

Question: My parents bought my little sister a barbie doll. A visitor came and broke it’s head, legs and hands completely off. It was very expensive. The parents of the destroyer child refuse to compensate for the damages. What should we do?

Answer: You have no claim. In the Shariah. the purchase of an animate toy is regarded as a baatil transaction. Hence there will be no compensation.

Q. If a couple commits zina and the female is married but wants to marry the male with which she has committed the act of zina, will the iddat period still be the same after she receives talaaq from her husband?

A. The iddat period remains the same. When the woman in question receives talaaq from her husband she has to obligatory complete her iddat before you can marry her.
Both of you should meditate on the Aakhirah and the punishment awaiting extra-marital affairs to avert any act of haraam.
May Allah Ta’ala grant us taqwa and reverence for the Ahkaam of Islam.

Q: Is it permissible to make masah on the customary cotton and nylon socks worn nowadays?

A. The principle fardh in regard to the feet is washing. This is established by the categorical declaration of the Qur’aan. Masah on leather socks again is confirmed through numerous Ahadeeth. Now for application of the masah rule to the cotton and nylon socks worn nowadays it is imperative that the socks are effective as leather socks and furthermore all the characteristics of the leather socks are established for the normal socks beyond any doubt. It is obvious that the cotton/nylon socks generally worn nowadays do not have the characteristics of leather socks. Therefore, masah on normal cotton and nylon socks will not be permissible. Salaat read whilst having made masah on such socks will not be valid.

Question: If someone stole money when he was a minor, will his parents get the punishment for it? Who is responsible for damages?

Answer: There is no sin on the child, although the amount of the loss will be taken from the child’s wealth.

Fataawa Mahmoodiyah Vol, 26 pg 66