بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

600 years before the birth of the Prophet Isa (عليه السلام), the king of Babylon destroyed the land of Israel. Some men, women and children were even taken as soldiers, and one of the child slaves was DANIYAL (عليه السلام).

The king of Babylon ordered his people to make a grand statue of himself. The people begun worshipping the idol of the king. However, DANIYAL (عليه السلام) never did.

The king of Babylon captured 2 hungry lions and threw DANIYAL near them in order to kill him because he never worshipped his idol. However, the lions did not even touch him because it was Allah تعالى’s command and miracle. Everyone was shocked to see lions doing nothing to DANIYAL (عليه السلام).

Whenever DANIYAL (عليه السلام) would be hungry, Aramaya (عليه السلام) would make food for him from Jerusalem and carry to Babylon, because it was a command by Allah تعالى.

DANIYAL (عليه السلام) remained as the king of Persia, according to some narrations.

One day, the king of Babylon saw a terrible dream that his statue was being destroyed by rocks. He requested the people to interpret his dream. DANIYAL (عليه السلام) interpreted his dream and said that if he did not become a good king; his kingdom would be destroyed.

The king later become a good person but he did not worship Allah تعالى.

After the death of the king, his son became the new king, however he was a bad and unjust king.

One day, Allah تعالى sent warning signs on the walls of the city and no one could understand what it meant. However, DANIYAL (عليه السلام) read them and said that the new king’s time was getting over because he would be soon attacked by the Persian king.

As expected, the Persian king took over the city of Babylon. However, to everyone’s surprise the Persian king was really good and he freed the people of Palestine to go to the land of Palestine according to some narrations. But Allah تعالى knows the best.

The Persian king even helped the people of Israel to build their temples and homes.

DANIYAL (عليه السلام) continued his job of continuing the call to Islam in Babylon and follow Islam.

At the age of 90, Prophet DANIYAL (عليه السلام) passed away.

During the time of the king Khalifah Uman (ra), Muslims won over the land of Iraq and found Prophet DANIYAL (عليه السلام)’s dead body with some written scripts. The people then dug 13 random graves and put in one of them those graves the dead body of the Prophet so that no one could find them.

Stories of the Prophets – Ibn Kathir

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