A group of atheists once approached the great Imām, Abū Ḥanīfa with the
intention of killing him. The Imām asked them what they would say about a
person who claims that he has seen a ship laden with goods sailing on the
sea transporting the goods from one shore to another. The goods are piled
onto the ship automatically and are similarly off-loaded by themselves upon
reaching their destination. The ship navigates the waves perfectly all by itself
with no sailor to steer it.
They replied that no sane human would accept such a nonsensical
contention. Thereupon the Imām remarked: “Pity upon your intelligence. If a
mere ship cannot sail smoothly without a sailor, how then can it be ever
possible that this entire universe runs so perfectly without a controller?”
Upon hearing this they were utterly embarrassed and immediately accepted
Islam at the hands of the Imām.

Someone once asked Imām Mālik to provide a proof of the existence of a
Creator. The Imām indicated towards his face and observed that despite the
face of man being so small, it consists of two eyes, a nose, two ears, a
tongue, cheeks, lips and other parts. Notwithstanding this, no two persons’
facial features are identical. Likewise the voice, mannerisms, character and
habits of every person is unique. This is proof enough that all of this is the
work of a Supreme Creator.

[Sūra al-Anʿām 101]

Until the dawn of the twentieth century, the prevailing view in the world of
science was that “the universe has a constant nature and its existence is
since infinity”. Modern research, however, has revealed that the universe,
together with the dimensions of matter and time, in fact had a beginning, and
came into existence as a result of a great explosion.

This event, known as “The Big Bang” proved that the universe was created from nothingness as
the result of the explosion of a single point.

Modern scientists are in agreement that the Big Bang is the only rational and provable explanation of
how the universe came into being. Before the Big Bang, there was no such
thing as matter. From a condition of non-existence in which neither matter,
nor energy, nor even time existed, and which can only be described
metaphysically, matter, energy, and time were all created. This fact, only
recently discovered by modern physics, was announced to us in the Qur’ān
1,400 years ago.

Al-ʿAqīda al-Ṭaḥāwiyya 12