بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“Whatever misfortune hits you is on account of your sins.” (Surah Shoora, Aayat 30)

Who is oblivious of the waves of anxiety crashing down upon Muslims in these times? Who is not in pain and sympathetic to these problems? This sympathy has pressed me to diagnose the anxiety and present the remedy.

It is therefore submitted that the luxury, pleasure, tranquillity and comfort which Muslims are in search of today; the road and remedy they wish to follow can never be found under the guidance of the doctors, professors and scientists of the west. Following in their footsteps and affiliating with their political stunts it (the road and remedy to escape the problems we are beset with) can never be found.

As a matter of fact, the correct cure, the right road, the exposition of the causes, the prescription and medicine is the Kitaab (the Qur’aan and Shariah) which the Greatest Physician, the Master Hakeem, the Gracious Rasool (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) came with. Only that (the Kitaab of Allah) can diagnose our sicknesses and explain its causes. Its prescriptions can eliminate the viruses, and by virtue of it (the Qur’aan) we can live a life of peace even in this dunya.

The reason for the above is that just as every person’s disposition is different and hence his treatment differs, similarly the disposition of every nation differs and the sickness and treatment for every nation are therefore respectively different. Thus, if any nation can attain the highest stage of progress on earth through self-centredness and ostentation, and the nation can live a life of pleasure and happiness in idol-worship, it is not conceivable for the Muslim Nation to choose, Allah forbid, such actions and ways to achieve glory and comfort in this world. In fact, if such actions and ways are antidotes for other nations then the same is poisonous for the Muslim Nation.

The Book of Cure, the Qur’aan Kareem has thus diagnosed our sickness in this manner:

“Whoever turns away from My remembrance and obedience then truly his life in this world will become miserable.” (Surah Taha, Aayat 124)

The Tafseer of this is that the punishment for sinning is indolence which will overcome one in Ibaadat, one’s life will become stressed out and one will look for pleasure but will not find it.


“When you (O Muslims) were overcome with the misfortune of defeat (in the Battle of Uhud), whereas they (the disbelievers) were hit with double the misfortune (at Badr), then you (O Muslims) said: ‘What has happened!’ Say (O Muhammad): ‘It is on account of your erroneous judgement (of abandoning the mountain pass against the instructions of the Rasool Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).” (Surah Aali Imraan, Aayat 650)

The diagnosis of the sickness is thus sinning. Now, the one and only cure is prescribed:

“Whoever is obedient to Allah and His Rasool then unquestionably he has attained a magnificent success.” (Surah Ahzaab, Aayat 71)

Thus, Haq Ta’ala has enshrined comfort, glory, tranquillity, success, succour, and victory in this world coupled with everlasting enjoyment and cheerfulness in the Aakhirat in His Taa’at (submission to Him).

Sinning and transgressing are lethal poisons for the personal disposition of the Muslim Nation. The only treatment and medication for all our sicknesses and for complete divine help and victory are Taubah and Itaa’at (contrition and submission).

“O Believers! Turn to the Doors of Allah with sincere contrition.” (Surah Tahreem, Aayat 8)

It should be noted that it is the obligatory duty of every Muslim to protect the Shi’aar of Islam (the Features of Islam) and it devolves as first responsibility upon Muslim leaders to strive and drive tirelessly and relentlessly to protect and preserve the Features of Islam.

If, Allah Ta’ala forbid, anything unfavourable emanates from the authorities then bring this to their attention through repeated correspondence. If unsuccessful, then never adopt an anarchical approach. Adopt Sabr and engage in reforming one’s deeds and supplicating to Allah Ta’ala. The One Who holds absolute power and Who is the True Benefactor will grant you succour in your hour of need just as it transpired in the incident of the As-haab Feel (Army of the Elephants). It is His promise:

“Surely We will help Our Messengers and the Believers, in this world and on the Day of Qiyaamat.” (Surah Mu-min, Aayat 51)

Furthermore, He proclaims:

“Besides that (the Garden of Paradise), there is something else which you love, (O Muslims). Listen to this wonderful news: the Help of Allah (is with you) and imminent victory.” (Surah Saff, Aayat 13)

Again, He says:

“Don’t lose courage and don’t become sad. You will be dominant if you are True Believers.” (Surah Aali Imraan, Aayat 139)