FORGIVING THE CREATION – Hazrat Maulana Thanvi رحمه الله


I have been making Du’aa for a considerable period of time and have now refreshed it that “O Allah! Because of me, do not punish any of your creation for I have forgiven from my heart anyone who has harmed me in the past or will harm me in the future.” So, the creation of Allah should not fear regarding me.

In fact, if there is a need then I grant them full permission to tell me anything they desire. If I do not forgive others, and they are punished then what did I gain?

Hadhrat Khwaaja Saheb remarked: “You will receive that persons good deeds (in the hereafter).” In reply Hadhrat said that what would such formal good deeds do for me?
If Allah accepts this action of mine (forgiving others) then through it I will receive limitless good Inshaa Allah.

Can a person be successful if Allah takes a formal account? Doesn’t He (Allah) have the right to grant reward without the recipient being worthy? Is there a shortage of reward by Him? Why don’t you think in this manner?
The reason I forgive is that if this action of mine is accepted, then I have hope in Haq Ta’aala that He will forgive me for those rights which are on me (which I have not fulfilled).

ASHRAF ALI THANWI (Rahmatullaahi Alayh)