MAKING MUSLIMS UNDERSTAND (Part 6) – Hazrat Maulana Thanvi رحمه الله

Making Muslims Understand

(Part Six)

7. Ulama who are occupied with teaching, writing, etc. should not be lax in delivering the Divine Ahkaam to the servants of Allah when meeting people and associating. In their leisure times, such as on the Jumu’ah break and during lengthy vacation periods, they should take it as a duty upon themselves to deliver the Ahkaam of Islam to the servants of Allah.

I reiterate with emphasis, especially to those who have a special relationship with me that the above protocols should be rigidly adhered to. Never be complacent in them. I also request from all the Adherents of Islam that they implement this programme and make it part and parcel of their lives. Everyone should be ready and prepared to serve the Deen of Allah.

I have conviction and trust in Allah that if all Muslims get down to work in this manner all misfortunes and disturbances which are currently plaguing Muslims will disappear rapidly and the Nusrat (Help) of Allah will be at hand.

This programme should not be carried out just for a few days; it should be carried out and sustained for ever.

I now conclude this message with the following Du’aa:
“O Allah! Grant forgiveness to us for our sins and our excesses in our matters. Make us firm on our feet and help us against the kuffaar.”

(Imdaadul Fataawa, V.4 P.635-638)