In recent times some of our Muslims sisters have shown an increasing inclination to improve their physical health and outlook. Indeed, the quest for fitness and good health is strongly endorsed in the teaching of Islam. However, the manner in which some of our sisters go about achieving this end is totally unacceptable and unIslamic.

On the move to shaping up, they leave home dressed in skimpy figure tights and tops and go to health studios where they prance and gyrate to thumping disco music. More recently, this type of activity has taken on a more sophisticated dimension. Many ‘Health Clubs’ have sprouted up all over the country. These Clubs incorporate features like weight-training facilities, sauna, massage parlours, aerobics, dining, etc. Of course, there is no segregation in full view of one another with not the least concern for decency or the guarding of one’s modesty.

Jogging on the neighborhood streets is also becoming the norm and incorrectly deemed as doing nothing wrong

Unfortunately, this is the Jahili environment to which our Muslim women (and men) are being drawn. They are driven to believe that the lifestyle of westerners is the Key to the Garden of Bliss. Strangely, even married women are alone, while their husbands are at work. One shudders to think what the free intermingling of sexes could lead to. Surely, the children will follow their example.

Here is an earnest appeal to our sisters engaged in this Shaytaani pursuit – desist before it is too late – and sincerely repent!

Hakimul Ummat Hadhrat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi رحمه الله  once said, “In this time, the women of most nations have been overtaken by the malady of immodesty.”