Loopholes are extracted generally (by the Ulama) for the wealthy. It is precisely for this reason
that the Hadith severely criticizes and reprimands an Aalim who crawls into the company of the
wealthy. The effect of such association is inhibition to proclaim the (Haq) of the Masaail (the
laws of the Shariah).
Since there is the fear of the cessation of monetary and material provisions (which the wealthy
present), the Aalim refrains from stating the truth. He does not speak with clarity. Instead, if the
wealthy ask about unlawful acts, this Aalim makes these acts permissible by way of
interpretation. Indeed, the condition of those Ulama who freely associate with the wealthy (and
the rulers), is extremely deplorable.
Since greed is generally dominant in people, it constitutes an impediment for the proclamation
of the Haqq. In addition to harming the Deen, these Ulama themselves suffer adversely in the
world. The very wealthy people with whom they associate begin to despise them. They
understand that these Ulama present ‘fatwas’ for their appeasement. Never should the Ulama
flatter the wealthy.

The Ulama should exercise extreme caution when accepting wealth from people. Nowadays this
is not heeded at all. Many errors are committed in this regard. The harmful effects of laxitude in
this matter brings disgrace to the Deen. If the Ulama themselves make a personal appeal for
funds to the rich, then regardless of the sincerity of the contributors, they at times gain the
impression that they (the Ulama) have a personal motive for soliciting contributions.
In order to maintain the honour of the Deen, I do not of my own accord cultivate a relationship
with the wealthy. However, if they themselves are desirous of fostering a bond, then I am not
averse to it. Hadhrat Haaji Saheb (Hadhrat Imdaadullh — rahmatullah alayh) would often say:
“When a wealthy man comes to you o n account of the Deen, then he is not merely an ameer (a
wealthy man of the world). He is then ‘Ni’mal Ameer’ (A noble Ameer). Such a man should not
be rebuffed o n the assumption that he is a man of the dunya. However, the Ulama should not of
their own accord visit the rich o n account of their wealth (and worldly positions).

Malfoozaat on Ilm, Ulama, Madaaris – Hazrat Maulana Thanvi رحمه