Once Shah Abdul Qaadir (rahmatullah alayh) said to Hadhrat Maulana Ismaail Shaheed
(rahmatullah alayh) to discontinue Rafa’Yadain (raising the hands repeatedly) during Salaat as
his practice would lead to unnecessary fitnah among the masses (who were all Hanafis).
Hadhrat Ismaail Shaheed said: ‘If the fitnah of the masses is to be considered, then what would
happen to the Hadith, ‘He who adheres to my Sunnah at the time of the corruption of my
Ummah, will receive the reward of 100 shuhada (martyrs)’? Hadhrat Shah Abdul Qaadir
responded: “We were under the impression that Ismaail was an Aalim, but it is clear that he
lacks understanding of the Hadith. The Hadith applies to a situation where a (new) act has been
introduced in conflict with the Sunnah. But the act we are discussing (viz., abandoning Rafa’
Yadain,) is not in conflict with the Sunnah. Irsaal (leaving the hands without raising them) is also
a Sunnat act.”

Malfoozaat on Ilm – Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi rahmatullahi alayh