It is lamentable to see that nowadays the meaning of being a Buzrug is considered to be that
one should not say anything to anyone; one should make peace with everyone. They consider
this to be saintliness. One should not hurt anyone; one should not trouble anyone. So one
should not make Amr Bil Ma’roof!!!
If this is the case then one should not tell a haughty person anything. One should not hurt his
feelings and one should let everyone do as they please. General permission should be granted
for everyone to do as they please. Then open zina should be tolerated, robbery, murder;
everything should be condoned!

If you say that in robbery and murder people are hurt therefore these are prohibited according to
the precept of not hurting anyone, then it can be argued that zina doesn’t hurt anyone. And if it
is contended that the husband or father is hurt, then where a woman does not have a father or
any family member and she voluntary submits to this vile act then who is hurt in this case?

In fact, the meaning of not hurting anyone is to willfully hurt someone. And when someone
wishes to correct a wrong or disease as a result of which the other party is hurt, such as a
surgeon performing an operation to remove an infected tissue or dentist extracting a rotten tooth
or father disciplining a delinquent child then these are not considered hurting others.
If not hurting anyone is accepted universally then why restrict it to those who are present. What
about hurting the feelings and heart of people in absentia? Just as ‘hurting’ is given such a wide
meaning, give the afflicted person a general application. And when taking a broad meaning for
the aggrieved persons then there isn’t a sin which does not hurt someone or the other.

Malfoozaat on Ilm, Ulama, Madaaris – Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi rahmatullahi alayh