THE DECEPTION OF THE WORLD (Part 4) – Hazrat Maulana Thanvi رحمه الله

Can Our Homes In This World Be Called A Home?

Hakeemul Ummah Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Sahib رحمه الله has said that the concept of a home is a reality. But what is defined as a home?

A home can be termed as a place where nobody has a right to evict one. An individual cannot lay claim to somebody else’s house; the owner will have him evicted. Similarly, if any person has wealth, nobody has a right to snatch it away.

At this juncture, what is the reality that defines our possessions regarding our homes, our wealth, our respect, our honour, our wives and children? If these really belong to us, then nobody has a right to take it away. But the reality is that every individual will need to leave all his possessions when he departs from this world.

A Home Is A Place From Which No One Can Expel Us

Hazrat Thaanwi رحمه الله explains that a home is such a place where no one can expel us but we have to acknowledge that a single order from the government can result in our possessions being snatched away. Can we then attach ourselves to our ‘homes’ where we cannot exercise full control. We have deceived ourselves in that we have attached ourselves to something that does not truly belong to us; when the One and Only Owner wills, He will eject us at any given time. We therefore have no control over our homes, wealth, wives and children. How then can we lay claim to anything that we feel belongs to us?

(To be continued ان شاء الله)