The Opinion of a Woman Saved the Army

The Mother of the Believers, Umm Salamah رضي الله عنها  , was endowed with sound opinions and an intelligent mind, which were of great use on the day of Al-Hudaibiyah.

When the Prophet complicated the affair of the agreement at Al-Hudaibiyah, he said to his Companions, “Stand, slaughter (your sacrifice), and then shave your heads.” Not a single person among

them stood up, not even after the Prophet repeated his command three times. Then Allâh’s Messenger entered upon Umm Salamahرضي الله عنها  and mentioned to her the treatment received from the people. He said, “The people

become destroyed.” She said, “O Prophet of Allāh, do you want that? Go out, then speak not a single word to anyone from them, until you slaughter your sacrifice and then call

your barber to shave your head.” The Prophet went Out, spoke to no one from them, until he performed both of those actions he slaughtered his sacrifice and called

his barber to shave his head. When the people saw that, they stood and slaughtered their sacrifices. Then they began to shave one another’s heads they were so

have miserable for having first disobeyed the Prophet that they almost hurt one another while shaving each other.

That was a most sound opinion that Allâh inspired to Umm Salamahرضي الله عنها , and as a result, the problem was resolved and the Muslim Army was saved from going against the commands of Allāh’s Messenger