A Sultan Like a Kitten

It was the the day of Eid.

Shaikh Izzuddeen Bin Abdus Salaam was walking towards the royal palace of Sultan Najmuddeen Ayyubi who was the 7th Sultan of the Ayyubi dynasty of Egypt.
When he neared the palace, the Shaikh observed soldiers and security forces standing rank upon rank in the presence of the Sultan. The nobility and the palace courtiers were all in attendance and obedience.
Whilst the Sultan was in the midst of all this pomp and splendour, Shaikh Izuddeen appeared on the scene and proclaimed loudly: “O Ayyub! When Allah Ta’ala will question you: ‘We had appointed you the king of Egypt, but you indulged in the trade of liquor!’, what shall you answer?” The Sultan said: “What! Is this happening?” Shaikh Izzuddeen: “Yes, in that inn (mentioning the loca-tion) liquor is being sold and other acts of vice committed.”

Sultan: “O my chief! These institutions of vice did not develop during my reign. They had existed from the time of my father (the previous Sul-tan).”

Shaikh Izzuddeen: “Are you also among those mentioned in the Qur’aan: ‘Verily, we found our fathers on a path and we are following in their footsteps.”

This aayat refers to the idolaters who followed their forefathers in idolatry. When hearing this naseehat, the Sultan ordered the immediate incineration of the inn. The inn was burnt down.

On his way back to his Madrasah, a student who had accompanied him said: “My Honourable Ustaadh, why did you adopt this manner (i.e. harshness) when mere naseehat would have sufficed?”

Shaikh Izzuddeen: “When I observed the Sultan emerging in such pomp and splendour, I desired to humiliate him so as to remedy his arrogance and pride which will be destructive for him afterwards.”

The student said: “O my honourable Ustaad! Did you not have any fear for the Sultan?” Shaikh Izzuddeen said: At the time when I was addressing the Sultan, I focused on the might and greatness of Allah Ta’ala. Then the Sultan appeared like a kitten in front of me.