Aadaab of Allah Ta’ala

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Respect the Name of Allah by adding Ta’ala’ , or Paak after Allah or saying Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala,Allah Azzawajal

It requires minimal effort and the barakah (rewards) of doing so are incomprehensible.

Pronounce the Name ‘Allah Ta’ala’ clearly, respectfully and with love

Show honour and respect to all things related to Allah Ta’ala. Example
Masjid; the Qur’an Shareef; Wudhu; Salaah; Ka’bah Shareef, etc.

Respect the people connected to Allah Ta’ala or those teaching the Deen of Allah Ta’ala Example: A pious Friend (Wali) of Allah Ta’ala; An Ustaad, a Moulana etc.

Don’t keep any such thing related to Allah Ta’ala in a disrespectful manner.

Example: If a Qur’an Shareef has something placed on it, remove it immediately .If a frame of the Ka’bah Shareef is on the floor, pick it up and place it upright

Obey the Laws of Deen. In doing so, one is actually obeying and respecting Allah Ta’ala.

Abstain from sins and venues, speech, actions and intentions of sin. By doing this one is showing respect to Allah Ta’ala.

Adopt good Akhlaaq at all times. Allah Ta’ala loves to see one having good manners.

Always prefer the Deen of Allah Ta ala over other things. Example: First perform your Salaah if it is time for Salaah before going somewhere.

Develop the love for Allah Ta ala in ones heart. A Simple way of doing this is to engage much in Zikrullah and cut-down in associating with people.