A Despicable Attitude

If Allah Ta’ala grants someone a thousand rand then the person is happy with Allah and he considers Allah to be worthy of shukr and praise. And if one’s livelihood is diminished even slightly, then—Na’oothu Billah—neither is Allah considered worthy of being grateful to and nor praiseworthy. In fact, the opposite, complaint and blasphemy are uttered.

There was an incident not too long ago. A person passed away. His heirs were the wife, a daughter and an asabah (those relatives in whose line of relationship no female enters) who was a little distant relative. The family were not on good terms with this asabah.

When the Ulama worked out the shares they recorded the share of the asabah. Upon this, the family started finding fault with the Fatwa and the Mufti, saying: “How is it that such a distant relative inherits?”

I responded: “Ask that asabah who has been awarded that amount how appreciative he is of the Shariah. If you are critical of the Shariah, the one who has received his share has praises for the Shariah. O Zaalims! If the Shariah instructs a share for you from avenues where you never thought or imagined then you will sing the praises of the Shariah.”

In short, the bond with Allah is for money and food. If that is forthcoming then all praises to Allah, otherwise—Na’oothu Billah—nothing.