Sincere Man seeks Divine Reward

The Muslims were collecting their booty, after their victory in the Battle of Madā’in. One of them brought something he had found and deposited it with the treasurer. It was so valuable, that those who saw it, were astounded. They had never seen such a priceless treasure before. They questioned him, “Are you sure you have not held back a part of it?” “By Allah, he replied, “had I wished, I could have seized it altogether and you would not have known.” This straightforward reply made a deep impression on them and they realised that this was no ordinary man. They begged him to disclose his identity, but he declined. He said, “I cannot tell you my name because you will then praise me, whereas all praise belongs to Allah. I am content with what He bestows as a reward.” When he had departed, they sent a man after him to find out who he was. They learnt that his name was Amir and he was from the tribe of Abdi-Qais.

The great luminaries of Islam were honest in their dealings and sincere in their actions.

They were motivated by Allah Ta’ala’s pleasure and did not aspire for name and fame.