Death Written in India

It is related that a young, pious man from the Children of Israel used to sit with Sulaiman عليه السلام  and attend his gatherings. During one of these sessions, the Angel of Death entered upon them. Upon seeing the angel, the
young man’s face turned yellow and he trembled with fear and uttered,

“O Prophet of Alläh, I am afraid of this man, so order the wind to take me to the people of India.

The Prophet Sulaiman did so. Shortly thereafter, the Angel of Death came to the Prophet in amazement. Sulaiman asked the angel why he was so bewildered and he replied that he had been ordered that day to take the soul of a young man that was in Sulaiman’s company, but that it was to be taken while he was in the land of India. He continued to explain that he was surprised to find him in Sulaiman’s gathering though his soul was to be taken in India. Sulaiman عليه السلام explained that upon seeing the Angel of Death, the young man became agitated and wanted the wind to carry him away to India.

Similarly, Hasan said that no day passes without the Angel of Death looking upon people’s faces, studying them five times, and those he finds engaged in merriment or committing sin, he exclaims disapprovingly: “Poor, pitiable slave who is heedless of what is intended for him (death). Do as you please, for indeed I have for you a wink(of the eye) by which I will cut off your aorta.”

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