Aakhirah – The Journey after Life

“O you who have Imaan, fear Allah and let every soul see what it has sent
ahead for Tomorrow” (c59;v18)

Our destination is the Aakhirah. The Journey of Life ends with Maut. Maut is the Birth of another journey. Keep that journey foremost in mind. Insha-Allah, no worldly loss will be too significant, no worldly shame too great, no sacrifice too small, no enemy too threatening.

What will we find at the end of the journey of life?

1. Qabr
2. Hashr (Resurrection from the grave)
3. Medaan (The Plains of Qiyamah)
4. Meezaan (The Scales of Qiyamah)
5. Su’aal (Questioning by Allah Ta’aala)
6. Hisaab (How much Thawaab or Sin accumulated in one’s lifetime)
7. Nashr of Scrolls (The distribution of the Scrolls containing the Hisaab)
8. Pul Seeraat (The Bridge which spans Jahannam)
9. Entry into Jannah or, Allah Forbid, Jahannam

Moulana Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh said that even great Auliya sweated with fear when they thought about Death. However, this natural fear is overcome by the
Love they have for Allah and the intense desire to meet HIM.

Every one enters the Court of Allah to answer for his deeds as a slave

“And verily, in Allah’s Rasul, you have an excellent example” (c33;v21) One has to travel on the Road of the Sunnah in order to find his way to Allah. Traveling on the road of Kufaar fashion and culture will most certainly lead one astray. The Road to Allah is via Medina Munawwarah and not via New York, Paris or London.

We, as Muslims do the very same things which others do, but we do it differently. We eat and dress, sleep and wake up but we do it differently. We do it like Nabi Muhammed Sallallahu Alayhi
Wasallam did it. Allah Ta’aala was pleased with Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s ways. Allah Ta’aala will be pleased with us. And that’s all that matters.

If Malakal-Maut came to you today, what would your reaction be?
Would you scream in fear, panic and anger at him or would you plead and beg Malakul-Maut for a chance to live but another day, nay, another hour?
Think of the many, many who had hopes for tomorrow, but left today. Rather prepare to surrender our souls gladly and happily to Allah’s Will.
May we rejoice our release from the World which has been termed in Hadith as “a prison for a Muslim”. Are prisoners not eager to be released? A Muslim
is much more eager to get out of the World so that he may enjoy the freedom of the Aakhirah.
But he will only look with anticipation for the Aakhirah if he has made some preparations for it!

How much are we prepared?

The Shariah: vol No.9