Obstacles To Allah Ta’ala

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Know that the greatest obstacle on “The Road to Allah” is sin. The temporary
“pleasure” of sin simply delays one in reaching the destination. The
pain of sin comes later, sometimes after many years. Sin is a form of hostility
against Allah The Sovereign.

Hereby follows a list of some common sins:

1. Abandoning Salaah
2. Opposing and abandoning the Sunnah
3. Inter-mingling between males and females
4. Finding fault, trivializing and disobeying The Shariah
5. Non-distribution of inheritance
6. Committing and assisting in Zulm (Oppression)
7. Bid’ah
8. Riba
9. Unjustly criticizing Muslims
10. Slandering and backbiting
11. Television and photography
12. Lying and cheating
13. Gambling, consuming alcohol
14. Flirting and committing Zina
15. Justifying wrongs.

* He who wishes to dispute the above sins is free to do so. Upon us is not to convince, but rather to inform.

* The doors of Hidayah are closed upon a person who justifies his sins. Whichever direction he turns only compounds his confusion.

Whenever miserably unhappy and bitter, sincerely search for past, present and future intended sins mentioned above. Pluck up courage and
abandon the sin for Allah’s Pleasure. Allah will fill the heart with peace and contentment which the skies and earth cannot contain and which no wealth can purchase.