This is an amazing incident of two friends. One was living in Jeddah and the other in Riyadh. They were very intimate friends. Both were religiously conscious and pious. The family of the friend living in Riyadh insisted that he bring a television set home. On the insistence of his children and wife, he purchased a television set for his family. After a few days he passed away. His friend who resided in Jeddah saw him thrice in a dream, each time being punished. Each time he told his friend living in Jeddah; “For Allah’s sake tell my family members to remove that television set from the house. Since the time of my burial I am being punished because of the television set I had purchased. Those people (his family) are enjoying the scenes of immodesty while I am suffering punishment.”

The friend living in Jeddah reached Riyadh by air and informed his friend’s family about the dream. He told them that he had seen the dream thrice. His friend’s family began crying. The eldest son stood up and, in a rage of anger, smashed the television set into bits and pieces. Thereafter, the bits and pieces were thrown into a garbage bin. The friend living in Jeddah returned home. Once again he saw his friend in a dream. This time he was in a good condition. There was a glitter on his face. He made the following duaa for his sympathetic friend; “May Allah Ta’ala save you from calamities as you have saved me from this calamity.”

The incident above illustrates the consequences of the family members slipping into sin because of the purchase of a television set; this wreaked havoc in the home where the family became shameless and careless. The elder of the family was instrumental in nurturing immodesty. Allowing the bringing of gadgets and devices annihilates the institution of modesty; this results in the transformation of the environment at home towards rebellion. The reality is the elder has decided to compromise the Aakhirah of the entire family; it is as if he is shoving his beloved children into the pits of Jahannum.