Q & A

Q. When does the time of Chaasht Salaat begin?

A. Chaasht (Dhuha) Salaat may be performed at any time after Ishraaq. Ishraaq is performed about 15 minutes after sunrise. Thereafter Chaasht may be performeduntil about one hour before
Zawwaal time.

Q. When a family member or close friend dies, does one have to go to his/her home for three days to condole with the family?

A. The condoling period of three days does not mean calling at the house every day of the three days. It means to call only once in the three days. After the three days, it is not permissible to visit
the house for condoling.

Q. A woman has been separated from her husband for some years. She committed adultery and a child was born. What is the status of the child?

A. As long as the husband has not issued Talaaq to his wife, the children she bears will be regarded as his children. A separation without Talaaq does not cancel the Nikah. The child will inherit
in the husband’s estate since he will be the legal father.

Q. Can haraam fat be used externally?
A. Animal fat of animals not slaughtered according to the Shariahis haraam and may not be used even externally.

Q: Can a lady cut her hair? What is the meaning of Wafra in the Hadith? Could you please clarify.

A: It is Haraam for a woman to cut her hair. The Malaaikah curse such a woman who cuts her hair.
Wafrah pertains to the length of men’s hair not of female’s hair.