Secret Sins

Hadhrat Yahya Bin Muaaz (rahmatullah alayh) said: “Whoever betrays Allah in secret, Allah will rip off his (concealing) veil in public (thus humiliating him).” Hadhrat Ali Khawwaas (rahmatullah alayh) would frequently admonish his mureedeen (disciples):

“Whoever desires ease in the qabar (grave), should not commit in secret such misdeeds which will humiliate him in the Aakhirah. As long as one has within oneself an evil trait, one should always fear, so much so, that when he is resurrected from his grave, he will rise with fear (of being humiliated and punished for his hidden evil trait).”

Numerous people, even the Saalikeen and Ulama, due to lack of spiritual perception of Allah’s constant Presence and His Ever Watchful Eye, and the presence of the Recording Angels, commit evil acts in secret oblivious of the invisible Eyes watching them and of the Pen recording their secret misdeeds. Acts of this nature in which almost all people, including the pious and the learned are involved, are the lustful glances of the eyes and the acts of sexual aberration.

Since the heart is corroded by excessive mundane indulgences and abstention from the company of the Pious, most people are spiritually blind. They do not have a living and real perception of Allah’s Omnipresence and the constant presence of the Recording Angels. Thus, when they are alone and under cover of darkness, the thought of Allah’s Presence is furthest from their minds. In consequence of this state of spiritual blindness they commit their evil in full view of Allah Ta’ala and the Recording Malaaikah.

These hidden evils and vile secrets will have their sequel at the time of Maut, in the Qabar and in the Aakhirah where the perpetrator of such treachery against Allah Ta’ala will be thoroughly humiliated. And, this is apart from the other punishment in store.

It is therefore imperative to constantly – on a daily basis – engage in a few minutes of Muraaqabah (Contemplation) to cultivate a degree of Ma’rifat (Divine Recognition) and spiritual vision by means of which Allah’s Presence and the presence of the Recording Angels will become a vivid perception and reality. (Awake 2010)