This is an extremely fundamental piece of advice and a foundational pillar for the existence of peaceful families and societies.
It is, after all, among the most salient features of none other than Rasulullah , that he never oppressed anyone, though he was oppressed by many. Instead he forgave those who oppressed him and never took revenge for his personal self.

The advice that Hadhrat Moulana رحمة الله عليه gave was very much evident in his own life.
He endured whatever difficulties came upon him but did not oppress anyone. This trait, among many others, was the direct result of the excellent nurturing of his
mother. Describing the tarbiyat (nurturing) of his mother, Hadhrat Moulana رحمة الله عليه explains: “From the time that I was a little child my mother instilled in me the quality to accept and acknowledge my mistake. It
was also impressed upon me to immediately apologize and seek the pardon of seniors or juniors if I have erred. It was due to this training that I was never prepared to take on a fight. If ever I
exceeded the limits, especially with regard to any family person, servant, or the child of any servant, she would immediately make me apologize and seek forgiveness.”

Hadhrat Moulana رحمة الله عليه further elaborated by relating the incident of his childhood when he once hit the child of the maid. As soon as his mother was informed, she immediately called Moulana and the child
whom he had hit. She then instructed the child: “You hit Ali too. Hit him now, in front of me.” The poor child was overawed and did not have the courage to hit Moulana. His mother then took the hand of the maid’s child and hit Moulana with it.
She then instructed Moulana to also seek the child’s forgiveness. After this incident in his childhood, he never deliberately caused any inconvenience to anyone.It was such exemplary training that instilled
in Hadhrat Moulana رحمة الله عليه this great quality – that if he erred in any matter he would unhesitatingly seek the pardon of the next person.

Thus the first lesson was: