Rada’aat : Suckling – Part 5

Rada’aat : Suckling


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It is the natural desire of every parent to educate his children to the best of their capabilities. Education starts from birth, rather the first few years are extremely important and are rightly called the “formative years of life”.

Though an infant cannot speak, but he definitely learns through hearing and sight. It is for this reason, that the first words a child should be taught must be the kalimah: Fundamental belief of the unity of Allah, as ordered by the Holy Prophet of Allah, Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah (saw).

The Prophet Zakariyya (as), after begging the Almighty for a son at a very late age in life, was granted the glad-tidings of Yahya in the following words, “And we granted him wisdom while yet a child, and tenderness of heart from ourselves and purity. And, he is pious and dutiful towards his parents, and not haughty and rebellious”.

Knowledge, secular as well as religious, should be imparted to children with wisdom, devotedly and affectionately. The following traditions of the Holy Prophet of Allah, Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah (saw) has been reported with regard to the education of children:

  1. “The best gift a father can give to his child, is good-manners and education”.
  2. ” When a person dies, all things come to an end, except three things; (a) A charitable trust which has been left behind for the benefit of the people; (b) Useful knowledge which continuously benefits the people; and c) pious son who continuously prays for his forgiveness “.
  3. Buraidah (ra) narrates that the Holy Prophet of Allah, Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah (saw) said,:- ” The parents of a person who acquired extensive knowledge of the Qur’an and practised accordingly, will be crowned on the last day with a crown which will outshine the bright sun which illuminates all the houses of the world “.
  4. “The parents of the person who studied and practised the Qur’an, will wear a shining crown which will shine like the sun. They will also be made such precious garments which will cost more than the total riches of the world. When being surprised at this unexpected honour, they will be told that this is the reward for the knowledge of the Qur’an which their child acquired “.
  5. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas (ra) narrates that the Holy Prophet of Allah, Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah (saw) said,:- ” Be kind to your children and give them proper education “.
  6. ” Knowledge in childhood, is like an engraving on a stone “.

A guardian or parent is pressed by the Shari’ah to adequately provide their children or wards with knowledge which does not only entail success in this world, but also such knowledge which will save him from doom in the Hereafter. The Holy Prophet of Allah, Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah (saw) is reported to have said, ” One who is made the guardian of more or less children, will be questioned by Allah Ta’ala on the day of Judgement whether his subordinates followed the path of Islam, or he ruined them?.”


Khalid Dhorat (Moulana)