No person has got a right to think that he is better than the next person. We see a fault in another person because our eyes are faulty. If a person is wearing green colour spectacles, he will see everything as green and similarly with the various colours. So, if you have got faults within yourself, you will see the faults of other people. How unfortunate are those people that find faults of others in holy lands of Makkah and Madinah Sharif. They keep on commenting that these people do things in this manner or in that manner.

How fortunate are those people that are able to find the good of people in the same environment. They comment by saying, “Look at these people that have taken out time for the Ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala, in spite of their worldly involvement. They have come to Makkah and Madinah Sharif in the love of Allah Ta’ala. So, how we see other people is actually what we are.

Finding faults in people is not a good sign at all. If perchance, your eyes fall on the faults of other people then try to explain to yourself that things are not like that, or this is just one fault that I am seeing, but Allah alone knows how many other good qualities this person possesses. For example, a wealthy person undertook a journey and his wealth was stolen. He seems to be a beggar and is asking of people in a foreign land, yet he isn’t short of anything at home. Similarly, we may be looking at one fault, but there is plenty of good qualities in him as well.

Also, remind yourself that you are seeing this as a fault yet you have so many faults within yourself. A poet very beautifully states, “It was my habit to look for the faults of others, but when my eyes fell on my own faults I became blind to the faults of others.”

We tell others that there is something in your nose and beard, but when you realise that there is something in your nose, you will not worry of the other person’s beard any longer. If a good person sees something in another person’s beard, he will first be concerned of his own beard. Whilst driving on the road we comment that this person is driving without any tail lights, or his indicator is not working, it is so dangerous yet we don’t know if our tail light is in order. We complain of a certain car driving with just one headlight working yet we don’t even know if our headlight is working or not. We should always be more concerned of ourselves rather than being concerned of other people. May Allah Ta’ala grant us the Taufeeq. Ameen!