The Blessed Sunnah….Ajmal,Akmal,As’hal…

Muhiyyus Sunnah Hazrat Moulana Abraarul Haq Sahib رحمه الله has advised that we immediately implement those Sunnahs which can easily be acted upon. The beauty of the Sunnah is that it engenders Noor; therefore an earnest attempt needs to be made to act on the Sunnahs of sleeping, upon awakening, eating, etc. Another unique point in implementing the ‘easy’ Sunnahs is that family and society do not become obstacles in acting upon them. By the gradual implementation of the easy Sunnahs, the Rooh (soul) develops strength and in turn facilitates acting upon those Sunnahs which we find difficult. Another outstanding blessing is that when we develop the consciousness of the Sunnah; we thus become unaffected by the obstacles of our family and society.

It is absolutely necessary that we reform our mindsets with regards the Sunnah. Hazrat Muhiyyus Sunnah رحمه الله has said that the Sunnah of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه وسلم are:
1. Ajmal – most beautiful
2. Akmal – most perfect
3. As’hal – easiest

We need to realise that we are slaves and we have no option but to submit to Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله. The Sunnah is the yardstick of acceptance. We have corrupted our habits and made things difficult. As an example, washing the hands prior to eating is Ajmal (beautiful). Eating with the right hand and from the side of the plate nearest to one is As’hal (easiest). To recite the duaa
بسم لله وعلي بركة الله
is Akmal (perfect) because it fortifies one’s connection to Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله.

What is needed in our lives is a change in attitude; the blessed Sunnah is not cumbersome but rather an adornment. Are we prepared to make the change?