Taleem and Tarbiyat series – Thawaab and Sin

♦️Thawaab and Sin
Mufti Hashim Boda Saheb  دَامَت بَرَکاتُہُمُ

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
🔸️Our Deen is very Simple and very Beautiful. Very easy to Understand.
🔸️At times we cannot understand the issues that we are confronted with and under such circumstances it becomes even more important to use everyday, layman, terms  for them to comprehend and understand what the critical issues are.
🔸️Different things operate on different levels.
Somethings are Fard
Others Waajib, Sunnah, Mubaah, Waraah.
Likewise on the opposite end of the spectrum there is Haraam, Makrooh-e-tahrimi, Makrooh-tanzihi, etc

🔸️Let’s try and understand it in a simple manner.:
What is Life?
🔹️Accumulate as much Thawaab as we can and
🔹️Avoid as much sin as we can.

🔸️This is the most simple manner in which we can approach issues:
🔹️Is there Reward for me?
Do it.

🔹️Is there Sin?
Abstain fom it.


🔸️There are people who sometimes have this philosophy that you must  not do things because of Thawaab, you must do things out of the Love for Allah سبحانه و تعالى.

🔸️However, the currency of Love is Thawaab.
A person can’t tell someone that he loves them, but doesn’t want to spend any wealth, money, on that person.

🔸️Similar we can’t say that we Love Allah سبحانه و تعالى but we don’t want to engage in those actions which please Allah سبحانه و تعالى., and for which in return Allah سبحانه و تعالى has promised Thawaab.

🔸️People who scoff at this philosophy of Thawaab,
are  unfortunately missled by shaytaan.
They feel what is this Thawaab
The Moulanas/Aalims only know Thawaab,, Thawaab,  Thawaab.

🔸️Understand well,  Nabi ﷺ himself, showed great inclination and a huge desire to accumulate as much Thawaab as he possibly could.

🔸️During the Battle of Badr,
three people would share one Camel.
Nabi ﷺ shared a Camel with Hazrat Ali رضي الله عنه  and another Sahaabah.
Beforehand it was stipulated, for a certain duration,  Nabi ﷺ would lead the camel and Hazrat Ali رضي الله عنه  would sit on the camel.
After a particular time, Hazrat Ali رضي الله عنه would lead the camel and Nabi ﷺ would in turn sit on the camel.

🔸️They continued, taking turns until at one stage, Hazrat Ali رضي الله عنها requested Nabi ﷺ to stay seated on the camel and he would continue walking and leading the camel.
Nabi ﷺ told him:
“Oh Ali, you require your health more than what I do, and I also require Thawaab.”
This was the words of Nabi ﷺ:
“I also require Thawaab.”

🔸️Every morning, every Evening, take account.
During the day, take account
Make it a habit.
🔹️Even if you are cooking,
“I’m involved in an activity of Thawaab.’
🔹️Even if you are in a shop,
“I’m involved in an activity where Im gaining huge rewards

🔸️Allah forbid, Allah forbid,
If I’m looking at television or videos,
then I’m involved in an activity containing not one sin,
but many sins.
A sin is not one sin alone
Things are connected to that activity:
🔹️Wastage of time. That time is spent in sin.
🔹️Abuse of the eyes.  These eyes are involved in sin
🔹️Our health is being squandered.

🔸️To be continued…..insha-Allah

Taleem and Tarbiyat series – No 14